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Currently, I have tons of projects started, and not so many finished. It's funny, when I was unemployed I had all the time in the world, and no money. Now I have money, and no time, I can't win. Anyway, the official 'A' mod has been superseded by the low cost purpose built racer, and i have a slew of new electronics projects. It's a timesink, but hey, it keeps me sane. If I had a girlfriend she'd kill me . . . . .

1939 Philco Radio / MP3 Jukebox PC . . . . Under Construction

SCCA 'A' modified racecar. Still very early in the design phase, but its a good creative outlet. It keeps my CAD skills sharp too. Click below for a project log. Currently on hold while I build the 'other' racecar

Purpose built Auto-X AAAH, the beauty of taking people's unwanted crap . . . .

Linux Box. Low Profile Win2k BoxIt's embarassing, but ever completely fail to get a wireless networking card to work on unsupported hardware in Linux? Yeah me too. Its running win2k right now until I sharpen my Linux chops.

Soon to be full 'o Synth. This was a crappy, barely functioning mixer I bought for 60 bucks. I salvaged 125 potentiometers from it and a bunch 1/4 inch jacks. It's eventually going to be a fully loaded synth, since I'm building it a little at a time.

4069 VCO Not a bad sounding VCO built for about $7 in parts (freaking thermistors are like a buck each). Thanks to René Schmitz for the schematic. That guys page is fantastic.

Rackmount Atari 2600 The perfect tool for any electronic music nerd with aspirations of someday performing in front of a crowd (and probally being booed off the stage)

Paia Fatman Still in progress, I think I screwed up the front panel wiring. Sometimes even the easy things are hard. Awaiting a rainy Saturday to finish it up.

Sound Generator Built off a schematic from, it's the first module for my synth. Makes tons of cool noises, even though its not super musical in nature.

Mini Ghetto Sampler I had this idea about 2 years ago after seeing Radioshack selling a 20 sec digital recorder. The guys at Carrion Sound had the same idea too, and did a good job of documenting the mods. I have plenty of room left in the case for whatever else I want to cram in there.

Bent Speak & Spell Who hasn't made one of these yet? It's the circuit benders equivalent of building your own lightsabre. . . . Crikey, that was a nerdy thing to say, wasn't it?

Bent Keyboard A $4 keyboard I bought from Goodwill. It made some terrible noises to start, and the addition of a body contact mod and a 1/4 jack only makes it worse.

Bent Turntable This turntable was part of a crappy all-in-one stere system I had as a teenager. I was throwing it out and decided to rip the turntable unit off the top and recycle it. I added a speed control to vary the turntable speed all over the place. Kinda fun to make things sound horrible.

Workshop Everyone needs some room to work . . . .